Natural News endorses launch of the Thrive Holistic Lifestyle

Everybody knows they need to get healthier, but not everyone knows how to accomplish that in a simple, step-by-step program. Today, the Thrive Holistic Lifestyle E-Course is being launched by Natural News contributing writer and educator Derek Henry (of Healing the Body), an extremely knowledgeable and caring person who has already helped thousands gain skills and know-how for achieving their holistic health goals.

The Thrive Holistic Lifestyle E-Course begins September 28th and registration is open right now. This is a hands-on eight-week course with detailed online instruction, discussion boards for students and an extraordinary outline to help you succeed in transitioning to a holistic lifestyle that prevents disease, supports optimal health and vastly improves the quality of your life.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the online e-course:

Week 1 – Maintaining the Proper Mindset (for achieving optimum health)
Week 2 – Incorporating Therapeutic Nutrition & Supplementation
Week 3 – Eliminating Toxins
Week 4 – Creating An Effective Digestive & Immune System
Week 5 – Balancing Your Hormones
Week 6 – Cleansing and Detoxification
Week 7 – Doing the Right Type of Exercise
Week 8 – Evaluation and Maintenance
Bonus #1 – Natural Pharmacy
Bonus #2 – Alternative Therapies

In summary, Thrive is a holistic lifestyle rapid advancement course that can take you from knowing nothing about holistic health to living a full-on holistic, healthy lifestyle in just 8 weeks.