Natural hypertension remedies that quickly lower blood pressure

The problem with blood pressure medications is that they do not correct the underlying issue of the problem. Imagine you have a car with a 6-cylinder engine that is running very rough. You find out that two of your six cylinders have the problem, so you remove them or otherwise shut them down.

Now your car runs smoothly, but it’s having to put out a lot more effort to get up to speed. You should have cleaned all of the cylinders, flushed out the engine, and changed the oil like an automotive detox. Instead, you cut out two of the cylinders completely, and now four are doing the work of six. And because the car was not meant to do this, your gas mileage is terrible, and more problems will develop soon. How long do you think this engine is going to last?

In order to get off of high blood pressure medications, it helps to understand the cause of high blood pressure.

What causes high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is almost always caused by thick, toxic blood. Consider that engine analogy and think of our blood like the car’s motor oil and it’s gasoline. The cleaner the blood, the easier it is for the heart to pump it through the body. Chronic high blood pressure is a result of the heart working harder to push the blood where it needs to go.

Restricting the heart doesn’t seem like the smartest thing to do, does it?

Smoking, a toxic liver, unhealthy kidneys, Candida, and an unbalanced PH level all contribute to toxic, thick blood.

How to reduce high blood pressure naturally

If you’re willing to get off the drugs and do right by your body, the good news is that high blood pressure is extremely easy to fix. The bad news that you’re going to have to change your lifestyle. The habits that got you here will have to go.

Low blood pressure diet

The goal is to balance the body’s pH and remove toxins. There are some easy short-term solutions for balancing the pH, but a diet with lots of fresh, raw produce that is devoid of processed junk food is the best and only way to permanently balance the body’s pH. Also, eating in this manner eliminates the other toxic accumulation from junk food.

The foundation of a truly healthy diet is raw, fresh produce – 80% should be raw, fresh, organic produce, more vegetables than fruit. It’s this simple: the more raw fresh vegetables anyone eats, the healthier they become. Eat lots of raw garlic, eliminate processed foods, and increase your raw food intake; there’s nothing else that comes close to the power of raw produce when it comes to eliminating ailments and restoring health. Nothing comes close except…

Cranberry stevia lemonade

I drink a gallon of cranberry stevia lemonade a day. The difference in my health that I experienced when I started this is amazing. I ate well and I was very healthy, but this took my body to another level.

For a surprising number of people, high blood pressure is simply dehydration. Soda, Gatorade, sugary juices, and coffee either dehydrate you immediately or they dehydrate you in the long run (for instance, Gatorade and cheap, sugary juices will impeded kidney function). When you don’t have enough fluid in your body, the blood gets thick and harder to move. Cranberry juice will help normalize the kidneys, lemon juice will flush the liver and normalize pH levels of the body, and the stevia, I find, simply goes very well with cranberry and lemon.

If for any reason you can’t do cranberry stevia lemonade, drink a lot of clean water. Distilled or spring water (provided the source is reliable) are the best choices to drink and to make the lemonade.

The body’s pH

Between diet and the lemonade, your pH should balance quickly. If you need it to balance nearly immediately, or your body is extremely acidic (due to toxic accumulation such as drugs like chemo drugs) then try:

Doc Shillington’s body balance formula recipe:

  • 1 – cup of Organic Blackstrap Molasses
  • 1 – cup of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix well and take a tablespoon twice a day. I recommend also taking a strong probiotic with this formula, as the molasses can feed Candida. This formula tastes horrible in my opinion, but some people actually like the taste, and it’s got a lot of benefits. It’s well worth it.


We’ve got other recipes for tinctures and tonics that can help lower blood pressure quickly. In truth, most people don’t need them. If you don’t smoke, cleaning up your diet and drinking plenty of water is enough for the majority. On the other hand, for those dealing with high blood pressure for more than a year, or for those suffering from any other related conditions, and for anyone who just wants to bring their health back as quickly as possible, check out these supplement recommendations and recipes at How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Quickly and Naturally. Also check out the cranberry lemonade recipe here. Add some cayenne pepper to the lemonade.

How to detoxify all the time

In its natural, healthy state, the body is detoxifying at all times. Breathing, digesting healthy, clean vegetables, using our muscles, or just being alive creates toxins in the body that need to be expelled.

With today’s typical modern lifestyle, toxins are accumulating in the body at a greater rate than the body can expel them. Not only do we have much higher levels of toxicity, many of the toxins are not normally found in nature. Once the body is in that vicious cycle of toxic accumulation, disease will set in, organ failure will eventually occur, and doctors will blame it on genetics or age.

Disease has one cause: cellular malfunction. There are two causes for cellular malfunctions: lack of nutrition and too much toxicity.

It is no wonder “detox” is the buzz word amongst the natural health enthusiasts and healers. The problem is, even amongst the natural health crowd, there is a tendency to eat poorly and detox once or twice a year with a juice fast or a smoothie binge, which is typically done in a way that feeds the body way too much sugar, which for most people completely negates the detox.

Now for the good news: your body can handle a remarkably heavy toxic load if you’re getting proper nutrition, enough sleep, your gut flora is balanced, and your gut is healthy. The human body is better off with lots of toxins and lots of nutrition, than it is without nutrition. This does not mean you can eat like crap and take a supplement and then expect to be healthy. Junk food robs the body of nutrition and it unbalances the intestinal flora, leaving the gut in dismal health. If you live under power lines, talk on your cell phone all day, type on your laptop for hours on end, and eat too much Fukushima, parasite laden sushi, you can still be healthier than most anyone you know if you do the following:

How To Detoxify With Diet

Produce detoxifies the body. This is especially true when it’s organic and raw. The trick is to eat a lot of it, to eat a wide variety, and to eat more vegetables than fruit. Make yourself a huge salad with 15 different vegetables and lots of herbs and spices like garlic, turmeric, cilantro, etc. Your base can be kale, collard greens, spinach, or anything leafy that’s not iceberg lettuce. Shred carrots, beets, and radishes. Don’t worry, we’ll have a link to a recipe at the end.

The thing is, all of those previously mentioned ingredients are known to increase organ functionality, build up optimum cellular function, prevent disease, and expel toxins from the body. Many of the vegetables and herbs can even dispel BPAs and other man-made toxins from the body.

We are supposed to eat a lot of produce. For many years, longer than we’ve eaten any other way, humans foraged for vegetables growing out of the ground. We would walk, all day, see an edible food, eat it, walk some more. It’s estimated that before we used grain agriculture we ate up to 8 pounds of produce a day! Meat takes a lot of effort to find, prepare, and digest. Fruits and nuts were seasonal, but herbs, leafs, and such are always just popping right up out of the ground. Other omnivores can be seen doing this, even wolves. They prefer protein, but they eat vegetables all day, too, in the wild.

Raw, organic vegetables expel toxins from the body in a multitude of ways. Eat as many as you can. Make a big salad every day.

Drink To Detoxify

Make yourself a gallon of cranberry stevia lemonade a day and drink it. If you can’t drink a gallon, don’t kill yourself trying, but most people can do that just fine. The lemon balances the PH and helps boost the liver’s ability to detoxify. The cranberry keeps the kidneys going strong. The water flushes out the body. There are many more benefits, but those are the biggies. Don’t use a sugar to sweeten it. Use stevia or no sweetener. Also, always use distilled water, or unadulterated, naturally mineralized water from a trusted spring source.


It is also important to note that the intestinal flora needs to be balanced so the body can digest and assimilate the nutrition. For more on gut flora, and detoxifying every day, click here. And see the salad recipe here. The first source link below has the lemonade recipe

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